Technologies to make land freight transportation efficient

Using technological tools provide a higher quality of services.

Experts assure that, in cargo transportation, technological innovations can guarantee a high percentage of the success of merchandise movement operations.

Using technological tools provide a higher quality of services.

It doesn’t matter if these are by land, air, sea or rail, the use of applications, GPS and sensors are just some of the solutions that are key in the process.

According to Más Seguridad Magazine, improvements in merchandise transfers are perhaps the two most important aspects to provide excellent service.

Technological tools

In this regard, there are five key technologies to guarantee the above in the cargo transportation sector.

1. ERP Software

The Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) allows you to keep track of all the company’s information and its daily operations in real time, making it possible to schedule preventive maintenance for your units, whether in a workshop own or an external one, in order to avoid being stranded on the road or road accidents.

2. My Trips App

With this application, operators will be able to document all their trips, send S.O.S. In case of emergency, request assistance on the way, maintain communication with the dispatch and report failures directly to the workshop. It is available for iPhone and Android.

3. Safety sensor

This offers a container coupling and uncoupling sensor, so that the traffic area or the owner knows when the trailer with merchandise is being separated from the drive unit.

The sensor also warns when the unit engages, thanks to the integration with the software the precise moment of engagement and disengagement is known, as well as the position where the movement was made. The traffic area, director, owner or any authorized person will be able to know all the movements made by the driver of the tractor-trailer.

4. Satellite location

This function helps to know the exact position in real time of all the units, the telemetry with the integration it has with the transportation software provides detailed information for greater operational and administrative control.

5. GPS with solar panel

This is a new technology for trailers that works as an auxiliary for GPS equipment installed in the unit, since it recharges the internal battery of the GPS equipment during the day through sunlight, preventing it from stopping reporting due to lack of energy.

Electricity at night mainly. This solution does not pollute and does not require connecting to the power of the drive unit because it recharges the internal battery during the day so that the GPS works at night without the need to use electrical current. However, to reinforce, you can also connect to the energy of the unit and in this way always stay connected.