The first private cargo airport in the USA will start operations in 2027

This airport will have connections with ports, land and rail, as well as air connections.

By mid-2027, the project for the first private cargo airport in the United States, known as Airglades Airport, will begin operations, said Santiago Gómez de la Torre, president of this air terminal.

Gómez explained that he will join a dry cargo port project.

“Both will be on the same infrastructure, with the aim of being more efficient, economical and being able to provide better options to cargo users who are going through very serious competitiveness problems.”

In addition, he added that this airport will have connections with ports, land and rail routes, as well as air connections.

According to him, it is still under construction, so it is expected to begin operating in approximately two and a half years, with an estimated investment of 700 million dollars.

More details

The airport operates in the central part of Florida, United States, in a small general air terminal, but the large project is in process and it is a unique and innovative project, “something like it has never been seen, it has not been built a cargo-only project on the continent, until now,” he noted.

Gomez specified that it will have a runway because cargo flights are not as frequent as passenger flights, since the difference is in the platform, since it is a new project.

“The infrastructure behind it is 100% automated, so a very strong investment is required,” he stressed.

Airglades Airport will serve the demand of Latin America and the Caribbean in terms of air cargo and it is estimated that they will move between 500 and 700 million kilograms of merchandise.