Warehouse services

Warehouse services

Krystal Logistics warehouse services are focused on three operational pillars: security, efficiency and error control. Our partners do not have to worry about the security of their cargo, since we have more than 120,000 square feet of warehouse space operated by the company, equipped with 24-hour video surveillance, burglar alarms, security control systems, access and fire fighting. Plus, our facilities and operations are fully insured to give you that extra piece of mind.


To maximize supply chain efficiency, automate repetitive processes, and reduce human errors, all warehouse processes are measured and monitored in real time through dashboards. Using the latest sizing technologies, the entire load is accurately measured and weighed. Partners can track their cargo in real time through our tracking portal; they can also obtain high-definition images as the merchandise is received.

Warehouse operational and legacy errors are minimized through established operating procedures. All warehouse personnel are trained and required to obtain, prior to and during their employment, Krystal’s internal “Warehouse Operations Certification”.

Krystal Logistics’ bonded warehouse allows importers and exporters to securely store cargo in transit and does not require payment of tax on goods whose taxes or duties remain unpaid. Our bonded warehouse also allows foreign sellers and distributors to purchase merchandise and store it in our US warehouse while it is confirmed for sale or distribution in their foreign markets. Once the sale or distribution is confirmed, our team of warehousing specialists prepares and ships all merchandise to customer specifications.

Consolidation warehousing services, provided by Krystal Logistics, allow customers to combine small shipments from multiple carriers into one larger shipping load. By consolidating smaller shipments into one large one, customers reduce their shipping costs and inventory levels. Our consolidation services use the latest technologies in pallet and package sizing systems to optimize the use of space, thus maximizing customer savings. Additionally, all incoming cargo is inspected during the receiving process and photos are taken to document the condition in which it was received. All this information is shared in real time through specialized portals for customers.

Krystal Logistics offers warehouse services for construction companies and builders, so they can store, export and import their construction materials. At Krystal we understand that materials management is a vital element to be able to deliver a good quality project in a timely manner. As a result, we have dedicated a significant portion of our insured warehouse to protecting building materials from thermal, physical, and moisture damage. Through specific warehousing processes, storage arrangements, and structures, we have perfected building materials storage to accommodate and protect a wide range of building materials, including wood and composite materials, drywall, doors and windows, insulation, roofs and more.

Cross-docking services, provided by Krystal Logistics, allow companies to increase the efficiency of their logistics operations by receiving/unloading incoming cargo and transporting/loading it directly to outgoing carriers. This system creates little to no storage between steps, allowing organizations to increase speed by reducing handling time and increasing productivity throughout their supply chain. Additionally, you can combine our cross-docking services with consolidation and deconsolidation arrangements, to save on transportation costs and break down your loads into smaller loads. It is the perfect option for these products that are packed and ready to ship and do not require additional packaging or sorting. 

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