Inland Transportation

Krystal Logistics Inland Transportation services provides a full range of solutions including FTL (full truckload), LTL (Less-than-truckload) and Break Bulk. With a dedicated line of company operated trucks we can customize every aspect of your transportation needs and integrate it with any service within our logistics service portfolio which allows us to meet every aspect of your logistics needs.

The Inland Transportation division of Krystal Logistics is operated by a dedicated team of transportation professionals focused on minimizing transit time and costs. This level of specialization allows us to ensure that cargo is being delivered on time and we can respond immediately to a client’s request.

Benefits and Guarantees

Krystal Logistics Inland Transportation Services offers a secure, reliable and fully traceable shipping solution. Equipped with state of the art technology and a dedicated team moving more than 2 million QFT of cargo every year, you can trust that your cargo will arrive safe and on time.


  • Company operated trucks to meet special cargo requirements and delivery timelines.
  • Full shipment visibility and tracking capabilities via GPS and dedicated customer portals.
  • 24/7/365 hot load service and constant communication with truck drivers around the clock.


  • Competitive pricing provided via asset based fleet and a multiple carrier network.
  • Quick response provided by a dedicated team of experienced inland professionals.
  • Solutions and ideas provided to meet your needs and requirements to get the job done.

Service Coverage and Availability

Click on the map below for a detailed list of city and states where Krystal Logistics offers inland transportation services. For additional information call us at (305) 887-5000.

Inland Freight