Bonded Warehouse

Krystal Logistics bonded warehouse allow importers and exporters to securely store cargo that is in-transit and do not require the payment of duty of goods of which taxes or duties remain pending to be paid.

Our bounded warehouse also allows foreign sellers and distributors to buy merchandise and store it in our U.S warehouse facility while the sale or distribution is confirmed on their foreign markets. Once the sale or distribution has been confirmed, our team of warehouse professionals will prepare and ship all goods as specified by the customer.

Benefits and Guarantees

We understand that customers and partners trust us with their cargo and put in our hands a critical aspect of their supply chain – warehousing. To meet their expectations, we have put together a team of experienced warehouse professionals, processes and systems to deliver quality and cost-effective warehousing services. Some of the benefits our customers and partners can expect from us include:


  • Expedited receiving process supported by state of the art certified measuring equipment.
  • Real-time tracking capability of all your cargo via a dedicated and personalized customer portal.
  • A photo of your cargo is taken when received to attest for cargo condition.


  • Goods are protected 24/7 with video surveillance, access control, a burglary alarm system and security guards.
  • Personalized attention and quick response to any questions, concerns or special requirements.
  • Cargo & goods are financially secured by Krystal Logistics Liability insurance.

Service Coverage and Availability

Click on the map below for a detailed list of the cities and states where Krystal Logistics offers warehouse services. For additional information call us at (305) 887-5000.