ISF Filing

Krystal Logistics ISF Filing services help ease the complexity of importing goods into the U.S. Importer Security Filing (ISF) is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulation that regulates reporting requirements for ocean shipments entering the United States, or shipments that transit the United States to a foreign destination.

Our customs agents can ensure that your ocean imports move through the US quickly and in full compliance by submitting error free ISF – 5 and/or ISF – 10 forms electronically. By working with a team of experienced professionals and in conjunction with our oversee offices and partners, we can help you avoid costly custom penalties.

Benefits and Guarantees

Krystal Logistics customs broker services helps customers and partners with all of their import custom needs. With a dedicated and certified team of custom broker professionals and electronic documentation transmission, we can guarantee fast and error free custom clearance around the clock.


  • In-house custom broker professional team to help with all your import shipments.
  • Specialized service in clearing cargo fast and efficiently through U.S Customs.
  • In-bond and cross-border cargo clearance experience across the Americas.


  • Expedited and efficient cargo clearance across any U.S port.
  • Timely cargo clearance and release through electronic filling.
  • Fast and error-free electronic documentation transmission.

Service Coverage and Availability

Click on the map below for a detailed list of countries where Krystal Logistics offers customs broker services. For additional information call us at (305) 887-5000.

Custom Broker