Air Cargo Charter

Krystal Logistics provides air cargo charter services for companies needing to move high value and time sensitive cargo in a secure and fast manner. Our charter services can be combined with warehousing, trucking and customs clearance services for a full and well-coordinated air freight service. By combining these services, customers do not need to worry about documentation, bookings, insurance, cargo handling, customs etc.

With over 15 years of experience moving small boxes to large cargo across the Americas, we can provide cost-effective and customized air freight solutions for all your shipping needs.

Benefits and Guarantees

Krystal Logistics Air cargo services offers customers and partners a fast and reliable way of shipping sensitive freight. With more than 15 years of experience moving air cargo across the Americas and a well-established network of carriers, we can guarantee that all of your cargo will arrive on-time and in excellent condition.


  • Daily flights to all major destinations across North, Central and Latin America.
  • Flexible daily cut-offs to accommodate for last minute emergencies.
  • Competitive rates on major destinations to major destination across the Americas.


  • Cargo delivered on time and quality is maintained while cargo is in transit to destination.
  • Personalized attention and quick response to any questions, concerns or special requirements.
  • Provide solutions and ideas to meet your needs and requirements to get the job done.

Service Coverage and Availability

Click on the map below for a detailed list of countries and cities where Krystal Logistics offers air cargo services. For additional information call us at (305) 887-5000.